ld06: Briteq Stage Beamer MKII 14 x 3 watt


ManualStage beamer MK2

This Mk2-version is the successor of the very popular Stage Beamer, used by a huge number of rental companies.
It is 100% backward compatible with the original Stage Beamer but has some nice advantages:

Extra “16BIT TOUR” mode with 16bit color control (R, G & B controlled by 2 channels: coarse + fine)

  • DMX-in/outputs now equipped with both 3pin & 5pin XLR
  • Very powerful RGB LED projector (3200lux @ 2m) based on 14 tri-color 3W LEDs:
    • Unwanted RGB shadows are completely eliminated
    • Perfect and evenly spread color mixing, even at short range.
    • Beam angle: 16°
  • This LED projector is your first choice :To light up small, medium and large stages but also perfect for architectural lighting.
  • Perfect alternative for traditional PAR64 projectors: only 52Watt power consumption at full output and no need for heavy dimmer packs!
  • The use of LED Technology makes important energy (cost) savings possible compared to units based on halogen lamps!
  • Different DMX operation modes:
    • 3 channel HSV-control (hue, saturation, value)
    • 3 channel RGB-control
    • 4 channel RGB + dim
    • 5 channel RGB + dim + strobe
    • 9 channel 8BIT TOUR-control (RGB, incl. color macros, dimmer speed, automatic programs, strobe, …)
    • 13 channel 16BIT TOUR-control (RGB coarse/fine, incl. color macros, dimmer speed, automatic programs, strobe, …)
  • Thanks to all kinds of special features this projector is the choice of professional light designers:
    • Color temperature presets 3200K ~ 10.000K
    • White & RGB Calibration
    • Different dimmer curves
    • ID-addressing
    • Neutrik PowerCon input/output (max. 24 units)
    • 3pin + 5pin DMX input/output
    • Recall custom programs by DMX
    • Menu driven LED-display with password protection on the rear panel
    • Tempered glass lens protection
  • The 400Hz LED scan rate makes it also a perfect choice in TV studios (no interferences with TV-cameras)
  • Completely silent: the projector is cooled by natural air convection so no noisy fans are needed!
  • The lightweight aluminium housing uses a double hanging bracket so it can also be used as floor projector.