di1: SynQ SDI-1 Professional stereo DI-Box


SynQ SDI-1 Professional stereo DI-Box

•This stereo DI-box is the perfect problem-solver for many applications! Converts unbalanced audio signals to balanced so they can be

transported over long symmetric cables with maximal protection against interferences of all kinds.

Humming noises coming from laptops, PCs and many others can be easily solved: the ground lift switches separate the in/outputs to avoid any

ground loops.

•No active components inside: no noisy op-amps and no empty batteries when you need them …

•Separate ground lift switches for both channels

•Very high grade audio transformers for excellent audio characteristics: Very low distortion:

Supports very high audio levels

Excellent CMRR: >80dB @ 60Hz

Excellent freq. response: 20Hz – 20kHz (+/-0.5dB)

•Versatile connections: Inputs: RCA + COMBO (Jack/XLR) on both channels

Outputs: XLR-male on both channels

•Rugged black anodized ALU housing