DJM2: Rodec MX-180MKII


The origin of the RODEC MX180MKII Original goes back as far as 1986, when the introduction of the MX-18 set a standard for many years to come for numerous professional users all over the world.
With 18 inputs, 2 master outputs, multiple rec outputs, triple tone control, PFL, talk-over & a construction quality, sound performance and reliability that most manufacturers could only dream of the MX-18 was an instant success in most major markets in Europe, Asia an Canada.
True to the Hifi roots of the brand this mixer used first class components, modular set-up and rigid construction to make sure that this mixer could withstand the most fierce conditions in which a professional unit can in many cases be used.
Of course the product is still being manufactured entirely in Belgium,
and of course we still use first class components with faders still being fixed individually to the front plate of the mixer,
but of course technology has also evolved dramatically over the last 25 years.